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Narnia Wardrobe

Have you heard of Narnia?

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We get a lot of questions asking where we get our inventory … have you heard of Narnia?

on my sideboard

On My Sideboard

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Bonus points if you watch this on your side bored or on your sideboard 🥵 Check out our TikTok @CountyTraders. You can also follow us on both Instagram and Facebook.

The Reflection Refraction – Manly MacDonald Edition

From being ridiculed by colleagues to the Queen’s castle, the works of Manly MacDonald haven’t always been so popular. Fortunately, success is defined by accomplishment rather than popularity. Manly Edward MacDonald is one of the most recognized artists from the Hastings & Prince Edward County area. Born in Point Anne as the son of farmer & fisherman William MacDonald. Manly went to school at the Central Ontario School of Art,… Read More »The Reflection Refraction – Manly MacDonald Edition

The Prophecy of Profit … See?

One of the most interesting things I learned at Auction School is that some auctioneers choose to take on a stage name. Reasonable enough, auctioneers are entertainers after all. I’d want something short that will easily identify me as an auctioneer, something that fits with my background as a marketing student with a business degree. It took a bit more thinking than I care to admit, but I’ve found my… Read More »The Prophecy of Profit … See?

The Tale of Gibbard

Did you know Bobby Orr is in bed with Gibbard? Well, he sleeps in a Gibbard bed. The Gibbard Furniture Shops Limited in Napanee, Ontario was Canada’s oldest furniture factory of 173 years until they closed their doors in 2009. Founded by cabinet maker John Gibbard who moved to “The Napanee” in 1835. He leased a mill on the same canal that runs through the Gibbard plant and began manufacturing… Read More »The Tale of Gibbard