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The Prophecy of Profit … See?

One of the most interesting things I learned at Auction School is that some auctioneers choose to take on a stage name. Reasonable enough, auctioneers are entertainers after all. I’d want something short that will easily identify me as an auctioneer, something that fits with my background as a marketing student with a business degree. It took a bit more thinking than I care to admit, but I’ve found my moniker – SOLD. Thanks for the free advertising, everyone!

There are three main ways to sell your everyday items: auctions, resellers like County Traders (wink) or private sales. Each has their own distinct benefits, and each type of sale can be conducted in a variety of different ways. Some are more profitable than others, but the most profitable option usually also involves the most work.

Auctions have been popular for centuries and will continue to stay popular for many more. Some may call it materialistic, but almost everyone in the world has some form of possessions. Auctions are a great way to liquidate when your collection gets overwhelming. They can be held online or on-site, held by live auctioneer or with silent or sealed bids. Specialty auctions bring the biggest dollar amounts for groups of similar high-end items such as artwork, antiques or collectibles. Residential auctions are one of the most common auctions, which focus on selling household items such as furniture, kitchen appliances, tools and everything else found in a home. Selling by auction usually guarantees that most if not all of the items will sell, and many auctioneers have a plan in place to help deal with any of the remainder that doesn’t get a bid. Some items may sell for far below their value due to the nature of an auction. This is especially likely if it rains at an outdoor sale, for example. Auctions can be a gamble, but they’re an excellent option for people with a hard deadline such a property closing. If you’re interested in having an auction, click here to get in touch with us.

Choosing a reseller like County Traders is the best option for quick cash and fair value. It won’t net you the maximum dollar amount for your items, but it will remove a lot of the hassle that goes hand in hand with private sales. Resellers are able to make bulk purchases, but we need to make profit if we want to stay in business. We are often willing to purchase an entire estate, and can schedule pickup to work with your moving dates. Check out our process on our homepage to learn more about how it works. This option is the fastest way to cash out in bulk, since auctions usually require two weeks of advertising then another two weeks to process your payment.

Selling your items privately is the best way to maximize your sale prices, but it also takes the most effort. You will have to advertise your items for sale individually, likely on one or more online marketplaces such as eBay, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace or many other similar sites. This involves taking pictures, writing descriptions and researching prices. Private buyers are willing to pay the most for your items since they are the end users or collectors. It may take longer to find a buyer, but it could be worthwhile if you can get significantly more money.

No matter how you choose to sell your items, my biggest piece of advice is to put them up for sale as soon as possible. It’s so much harder to sell things that aren’t for sale. Hopefully some of this information was useful, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Best of luck with your sale, and thanks again for the free advertising.


For more information on this topic, check out this table on our homepage.

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