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Over forty years ago Harry Hardon opened a small second hand shop called County Traders to sell furniture, antiques, books and collectibles. John, a second generation “County Trader” provided some of the best merchandise at the fairest prices in this part of the province. 

Now Dale Miller continues his tradition at 39 Stanley Street, Bloomfield. Dale will buy, sell or trade just about anything for the right price.


Our focus.

We specialize in every day furniture, antiques, curiosities and other needful things.

We stock a wide variety of furniture ranging from modern to antique for every room in the house.


A mix of antique store quality and thrift store prices, we'd call that the best of both worlds.


We offer an interesting selection of collectibles from Royal Doultons to lead soldiers.


We regularly offer original works from both local and internationally known artists and sculptors.


Our team.

We can help you buy or sell anything for the right price.
Dale Miller

Owner & Operator

Adam Miller

Auctioneer & Appraiser

Sue Capon

Superintendent of Smalls

John Hardon

Founding Family


Kilometers Driven


Google Searches


Social Reach


Satisfied Customers


Our Process.

We make selling your furniture as simple as possible.

Make An Appointment

The first step in selling furniture to County Traders is making an appointment. Come talk to us in store, send us an email or give us a call and let us know what you are looking to sell. 


Get a Quote

Unfortunately we can’t always buy everything, if you’re able to send us pictures we may be able to let you know if there is anything we aren’t able to purchase before our appointment. 


Arrange Pickup

We will work with your schedule to arrange a pickup date at your convenience. We can be as flexible as possible to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Adam at Traders

Get Paid

Unlike most auction houses or consignment shops, County Traders pays you for your furniture the day we pick it up. There’s no waiting, no fees and no reason not to give us a call.


Time or Money.

We aim to move product as quickly as possible by pricing competitively.



  • One Sale
  • Low Effort
  • Everything Goes
  • 14 Days+ for Payment
  • Fees for Ads & Staff
  • High Price Variance
County Traders



  • Bulk Sale
  • Low Effort
  • Most Goes
  • Immediate Payment
  • No Fees
  • Low Price Variance
Private Sale



  • Multiple Sales
  • High Effort
  • Individual Items
  • Immediate Payment
  • No Fees
  • Medium Price Variance


We understand each customers' needs are different.

Selling furniture to County Traders was so easy! I called to let them know I had a whole house full of furniture to sell, and we set up an appointment over the phone for the following week. They made a fair offer and we arranged a date for pickup. Their team packed and loaded everything in under 2 hours, I didn’t even have to lift a pillow. Thanks again Dale!

Barbara M.

First Time Client from Belleville


Our Services.

We offer a reasonable selection of quality furniture at affordable prices.

Have some treasures you think are valuable? We might be able to help with that. We can appraise or arrange the valuation of just about anything.


Our staff have years of experience on both sides of the auction block. We are able to help you sell or buy just about anything.


No truck? No problem. We can arrange delivery not just to your door, but anywhere you’d like inside your house. 

Free Quotes

Our quotes are free and you’re under no obligation to sell to us, unless of course you decide to accept our offer. 


Pickups can be arranged at your convenience, according to your schedule. We can even do same-day if we know that’s the plan in advance.

Trade Ins

Get cash on trade for your clean, smoke-free furniture. Trade in your old couch and chair when getting a new set to save money and avoid the hassle of selling it yourself!

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Our Blog.

We come across some interesting items in this business, we thought it'd be fun to share.

Traveller's Dressing Trunk

This dressing trunk was used as a store display by Ward's store in Picton in the early 1920s. Unfortunately, it also smelled like it was from the 1920s.

The Reflection Refraction – Manly MacDonald Edition
From being ridiculed by colleagues to the Queen’s castle, the works of Manly MacDonald haven’t always been so popular. Fortunately, success is defined by accomplishment rather than popularity. Manly Edward MacDonald is one of…
The Prophecy of Profit … See?
One of the most interesting things I learned at Auction School is that some auctioneers choose to take on a stage name. Reasonable enough, auctioneers are entertainers after all. I’d want something short that…
The Tale of Gibbard
Did you know Bobby Orr is in bed with Gibbard? Well, he sleeps in a Gibbard bed. The Gibbard Furniture Shops Limited in Napanee, Ontario was Canada’s oldest furniture factory of 173 years until…

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39B Stanley St., Bloomfield, ON K0K1G0

Phone Number

Call us at (613) 393-9993




39B Stanley St.,
Bloomfield, ON K0K1G0